3 tips for living a healthier lifestyle



My best friend is going to be married in August of this year. She’s always struggled with her weight problems, just like I did in the past. While in my case, the situation is somewhat different because I lost a lot of weight following a breakup, she didn’t go through the same thing. Over the years, she’s gained over 45 pounds.

While the matter doesn’t seem to bother her per se, the fact that she will have to get a wedding dress does. Nothing fits and she is terribly frustrated about all of this. She’s tried a lot of diets over the years, none of which have really worked, and the worst thing about it is that she’s always gotten back to eating loads of candy, pizza, and heaps and heaps of chips and fizzy drinks.

Her low self-esteem is what bothers me the most. I’ve tried telling her that the secret to losing weight and generally leading a healthier lifestyle is to eat a lot of veggies and fruit and give up nasty things like pastry and virtually anything that has no significant nutritional value. These things can make you feel full and satisfied, but they hardly do anything in terms of health. Actually, such carbohydrates can even have a bad effect on your cardiovascular system as they are usually linked to fat deposits on great vessels such as the aorta.

Of course, I’m not the perfect person to nag her about this as I used to weigh around 220 pounds. In somebody else’s books, this might not be a lot, but it definitely was for me. Now every year, when I start feeling a bit cold, I begin to consume a lot of cooked food like chili, mashed potatoes, and other concoctions of this sort. I know they aren’t healthy, but if I’m cold, I can’t help myself.

However, once the warm season returns, I get back to my regular lifestyle and start eating salads like crazy. That’s why every year, in the course of about six months, I lose about 17 to 18 pounds without really making an effort. The secret is to fill your stomach with as many veggies as possible so that you never get the feeling that you are starving.

I know that one of the greatest challenges of people who are overweight or obese is working out. Not only are they not in the mood to do this because there are other individuals who are fitter at the gym and they might feel bad about it, but they also can’t do a lot of exercise because of their current condition.

In my opinion, walking is the best simple exercise you can do. Working in the garden, going shopping, taking the kids to school, doing chores around the house; all of these activities can help you lose weight. You just have to do them on a regular basis and maintain a positive mindset about everything. If you believe you’re not capable of losing weight, it will never happen.