I love my new robotic vacuum



There’s nothing in this life I hate more than cleaning the house. Sometimes, the kids can get so messy that I can’t even take it anymore and I occasionally take them to their grandparents’ place so that I have some time to tidy up. It’s a busy schedule with everyone at work, taking them to school every morning, and just dealing with this whole mess called life.

Something that I have managed to do over time is get rid of most of my carpets. We live in San Diego, so there’s no reason to keep them around as my feet won’t get cold too soon. I own an upright vacuum cleaner for quite some time now and have been using it rather efficiently for the past three years. It’s convenient because it’s equipped with a battery that enables it to work for as many as thirty minutes per cleaning session.

Recently, however, I’ve been looking into getting a robotic vacuum because I just can’t seem to get the time to clean up the house. Now that the kids are somewhat older, I can tell them to do this and that, but there’s a certain limit to everything, and I won’t treat my children like slaves. In my opinion, this time is the best one for them to have fun, so I won’t spoil it.

Other than washing the dishes and taking out the trash, I can’t tell them to do too many things around the house. I am a great lover of hardwood floors and tile because they are particularly easy to clean. While there’s tile in my kitchen and bathrooms, I don’t have it in our living room, for example.

The thing that I found most bothersome about such a vacuum is that it costs a lot of money compared to traditional units. Some Bissell models, for example, can cost about seventy bucks but most of the robotic alternatives I came across are usually priced around over one hundred.

I started by prospecting the market by looking at the most expensive models out there. Some of those that come to mind are the Samsung VR9300K, the Dyson 360 Eye, the Neato Botvac, and the Hoover Robo.com. Pretty much all of these were off-putting for me and my budget. On the other hand, the Vileda was too cheap to consider, so I was rather wary about getting it. Nonetheless, after having looked through some of the reviews it had gathered, I quickly came to the conclusion that this unit was the perfect one for me.

Many of those who have bought it say that it struggles when it comes to cleaning large rugs, but the fact is I have zero such carpets in my house. I’m rather impressed with the way it performs on hardwood and tile, so I really have no complaints at all.