TNT Owned!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Thursday’s Philly TNT this month, hosted by yours truly. We had a great turnout from shops near and far, including our peeps from Square One in Lancaster and the Gryffin in Wayne, PA. And, congratulations to Brian Gelletly of Ultimo for winning his second title! Bodhi represented with every single barista that entered going on to the second round. Even more important than the glory, with a keg of PBC Pale Ale and enough Percy Street bbq for seconds, Bodhi knows how to throw a good throwdown. Check back for more pics, enjoy these snippets for now!

We’ve got Coffees on Coffees

Stumptown Roasters have been busy lately, and we’re reaping the benefits. Brand new offerings at the shop– Bolivia, Peru, Rwanda and Ethiopia all coming back into the house. Our fave highlights of the bunch are the Bolivia Buenavista and Peruvian Cecovasa. To top it all off, the long-awaited Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Adado and Columbia El Jordan are back as well.


And if you want a quick lesson on how we brew each of these tasty single origins, check out this kickin video that our girl Swabreen made at Bodhi! Watch Tom in action as he brews it like the best. Most of the official new line-up is already at the shop, so come check em out soon!

What Up New York!

Tomorrow morning, Federal Donuts will make a dashing appearance in the New York Times. Pete Wells and his crew recently came down to the great state of Philly and reviewed the notoriously elusive donuts and chicken. By illustrating the ominous tension that comes from scarcity, the article paints an exciting picture of mornings at Federal. Be sure to also check out the slideshow of artsy photos, here. You’ll see this photo of customers chowing down:

Tasty Treats at Federal-- Photo courtesy Jessica Kourkounis for The New York Times

Thanks NYT, come back anytime you want.

Oh, Happy Holidays Indeed…

With Christmas gone and New Years coming, here’s an update of Bodhi news during this mid-holiday break. First off, we have hours this weekend for NYE and NYD. We’re open 8-5 this Saturday and 9-3 on Sunday, continuing our streak of 365 days serving fresh coffee and all them jawns.

Next, check out the news on our cousins down at Federal Donuts! Yesterday, the Inquirer wrote a great little piece and featured Federal as it’s numero uno example of ‘Intentional Scarcity’. But the icing on the cake is a hunky picture of our barista Joshua, looking super fine in that bright blue apron.

Joshua “The JV” in Federal [Photo by Ron Tarver/][Photo from Ron Tarver/]

Also, when did Federal hire Sally Jesse Raphael?

Latest News and Xmas Hours

It’s getting close to that time of year, and our empty retail shelves tell it better than anyone. Christmas is coming, and we’re stocking up to make sure you have all the beans you need! So come by soon, before you get stuck giving Fannie Mae chocolates as a gift.

In other news, we’ll be open 8-5 on Christmas Eve and 9-2 on the big day itself. So come in for a cup of Stumptown to get you through the morning– we all need a little extra something to deal with Sing and Speak Elmo. Finally, if you stop by on Sunday, our OG Gray will be back! Gone since August for grad school, Gray’s back for Christmas and ready to pour some solid cappuccinos. We missed you playa!

New Coffee Offerings!

It’s no news that we’ve been digging a few Guatemalans lately, mainly the Antigua Buenavista and Santa Clara. But last week, we tried a couple new offerings and found some tasty beans to help us cope with the coming winter months.

Stumptown’s Ethiopian Sota is a mild, sweet and luscious new East African that lives up to the name [pronounced like "Soda"]. We’ve tried this one as drip, cold-brew iced and hand-poured– delicious all around and probably a new favorite!

Another current single origin that we’re feeling at Bodhi is the Costa Rican Herbazu. It’s a sweet number that’s patio dried, leaving a nice, rich flavor that’s a little bit honey and a little bit caramel. All together, super tasty and great for relaxing in the morning time.

And finally, this week we’re getting in a special jawn from Aida Batlle, the El Salvador Kilimanjaro. A week ago, Batlle’s work was featured in the New Yorker, and we can vouch from personal tastings that all the fuss on the Kilimanjaro is definitely worth it. We’ll have this offering by the end of the week, and if you love an appetizing, rich and truly well-developed cup, then you’ll love the Kilimanjaro.

Stop in soon and check out the new offerings!

Gracias, PW!

A few weeks ago, Bodhi was featured in Philly Weekly cover story, 50+ Things You Must Eat and Drink. Enamored with the potent power of a Stumptown handpour, PW featured a blurb about us, along with a dashing picture of our barista Elysa as eye candy for readers.

The result was one of our busiest weekends yet, selling out of almost every single origin we offer. Good thing we get more coffee a few days later, or we’d have some sad baristas on our hands. Check it out!

Quoth PW:

Hand-Poured Stumptown Coffee

Part coffee preparation, part lab-work in appearance, part alchemy, this slightly more expensive way to get your Stumptown caffeine rush takes a bit longer, but results in a cup that’s somehow both more complex and more subtle. It’s definitely worth the effort, the wait and the few extra coins.